Andrew Chen


The Tomorrow Code

Author: Brian Falkner

The tomorrow code is a book about three kids, Tane, Rebecca and Fatboy. Tane an artist was thinking about the possibility of time travel and asked Rebecca about it. Rebecca was interested not in the time travel but in the thought of sending text, letters and codes instead of actual matter. She came up with a theory that if it was possible they might be getting messages now from the future. Because of Rebeccas connections she was able to get her hands on a data sheet oh gamma rays, which are basically numbers. From there she made a programme that deciphers the numbers and see if there are any possible patterns. It took two days and by using morse code they got a message... The super ball numbers a

nd SoS.

Possible time travel

Many people have muddled with the idea of time travel, many have tried and many have failed to come up with theories of possible time travel. Then along came Einstein and his theory of relativity. His theory of relativity proved that time travel is possible but not for our current technology and age. The technology to manipulate a black hole will make this possible. A black hole holds enough gravity to rip open space and time, but not all black holes will work. There are different kinds of black holes, the one that we discovered first was a black hole that would suck anything that came near it with its intense gravity and be crushed to infinite density as it gets swallowed. Crushed and out of existence. The second black hole is one that rotates, so instead of just sucking matter in it also rotates as it does this exciting right? Well it is because it was discovered by a New Zealand mathematician named Roy Kerr. In theory if a black hole was to rotate, it would be possible to dive into it and go through the ring at the bottom and come out in a different time or/and space. Provibending-space-wormhole.jpgded that the vehicle has not been crushed but the intense gravity. The third type of black

hole is believed to be connected to another one in a different space and time. This is called a worm hole. Worm holes make it possible to rapidly travel vast distances in space which will normally take many years to do. This is how a wormhole works. space is similar to a blanket. When weight is put onto it will create a curve and a dent in the blanket. Lets say that there was two black holes and that the density and mass was so big it ripped space and time and connected with each other therefore creating a wormhole leading from one place and time to another place and time. These are the best theories of possible time travel but no technology we have at this current time and age can put any of these to practice. Like they say seeing is believing.

This is another theory on how time travel is possible. It explains about Einstein's theory of relativity that you might understand.

Michio Kaku is a Theoretical physicist who is studying the possibilities of time. In this video he is talking about the possibility of time travel.

Other possibilities of time travel are also being researched by top physicist. Many things are preventing us from turning hypothesists to fact. Things such as lack of technology.