Title: Starwars Return Of The JediAuthor: Archie Goodwin

Publisher: Pan Books Ltd

Publishing Date: 1983

AI (Artificial Intelligence) In Robots

Most artificial intelligence in robots is basic and repetitive. Its ways of dealing with tasks is generally using methods programmed in and they only really think for themselves in deciding what the best method is for the certain task.
Although we don’t have AI as advanced as that in Starwars (robots that can think as intelligently as humans) we are making progress in AI that can adapt to different situations and more human like thinking. Getting robot AI to be similar to human intelligence with the same level of creativity and ability to learn will be hard as we still don't fully understand how the human brain works. But we could be seeing more advanced robots being used in everyday life for various tasks such as bringing us food or cleaning the house in the near future, if advancements in robotics carry on at the same rate as at what they are now.

The robot above is using a programme called SOINN (self-organizing incremental neural network). This programme lets the robot use visual and audio sensors, past experiences and communicating with other robots using this programme to determine how best to solve new tasks. Tasks it has been given before it can remember how to do. This is some of the newest technology and most advanced in AI that can adapt to different situations.

With this link you can download th SOINN software into your own robot.
Link to the downloads section of the Hasegawa Lab website
Above is the Robocup final for the Kid Size category.
The above video explains some of the technology used in Robocup and some of the events and competitions Robocup hosts.

Robocup is a competition with many different categorys, where teams from all around the world complete showing off their robots mechanical skill and how advanced thier robots AI is. All robots use AI to move and operate instead of relying on commands via remote control.

One of the most used humanoid robot is the NAO, it is used because it can be easily programmed compared to other robots, it can be produced in large numbers and it is versatile in what it can be programmed to do. The NAO robot is used in compititions such as the Robocup, used in teaching and even for fun. The price range for the NAO robots is 1,000€ to 12,000€ (about $1,700 to $20,100 New Zealand currency) The picture on the left shows one of the cheaper models avaliable to buy. The model in the video below is one of the more expensive models.Link to the Aldebaran Robotics website (the company that makes the NAO robots)

Ben Owens