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Star wars science

Laser guns and how they work or just made up?

This the THEL the Tatical high energy laser aka demonstator it is not yet mobile and is
used for shoting down incoming shells
and missiles insted of in movie where lasers are used to kill people. this laser gun does have the power to kill somone as lasers are concentrated heat and light
other lasers that have been created is a cell that has been created in a labritory and when large concentrated light is shined on it and the cell emites a green laser that is very weak but this is the start of a sentitic laser cell that is a living organisim

what could lasers be used for?

the uses of lasers is onlimited by your imagination and praticality one use scientists are looking at is a laser which when it detects the sonic vibrations of a mosquito beeting its wings it shoots a laser at it if it fired it at a human it would hae very little effect buyt to a mosquti it would kill it instantly other uses are laser eye surgery laser surgery and creating tiny holes for puting cameras inside peoples bodys which would heal better than having a slit in you that would allmost definatiy create a scar
laser lights are also used at concerts´╗┐

Laser guns in star wars

The laser guns in star wars work with a clip that holds a cell batery of that powers a laser which gets comdesed as it goes throught the barrel causeing it to be slow but have the power to kill and seriously burn people.