´╗┐Deconstructing Dylan

Author: Lesley Choyce
Publisher: Dundurn Press
Date: 2006

16 year old Dylan knows there's something different about him but he is unsure what. When he meets Robyn, the new girl at school, she tries helping him work out who he really is. They notice his parents acting weird every time they get closer to working out what happened to Dylan.

"Deconstructing Dylan" uses the idea of human cloning throughout the book. Dylan starts to remember things he hasn't experienced himself and starts to wonder if he could be someone else. When a picture of Dylan is found he notices that his hair is a lot longer but it still looks like him, confused he confronts his parents. Constantly wondering why he seems to be a different person at time Dylan and his friend Robin do some research when his parents try avoiding the topic more and more. Robin takes him to the library hoping to find something on Dylans parents when "cloning" is all that comes under their names.

The science in "Deconstructing Dylan" that is talked about is human cloning. Dylans brother died at a young age and to get over losing their first child his parents create a clone of their son. Cloning is done by taking some cell tissue from something and micro-injecting it into an egg that's had it's own DNA removed, the egg is then placed into the womb of the surrogate. This procedure is still being perfected but they have managed to clone some animals. With cloning there is a lot of legal and health issues that come with it stopping scientists cloning humans. Cloning has been successful in animals but comes with many risks and problems. Animals that have been cloned have low immune systems and easily develop health problems which causes them to have shorter lifespans.

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