The Science in 0.4


Book: 0.4 it's a brave new world.

Author: Mike Lancaster.

Publisher: Egmont UK limited.

Date: 2011.

0.4 website.
0.4 is the story of a single day in a small village called Millgrove – which just so happens to be the day that everything changes for humanity. Forever.That story is told from the viewpoint of a fifteen-year-old boy called Kyle Straker, who records his terrifying experiences onto audiotapes. The book is a transcription of those audiotapes by a person far in the future, who adds his own comments to explain some of Kyle’s cultural reference. Lives go on much as they have for generations until the day of the traditional talent show on the village green. Kyle's friend Danny is appearing in the show with his hypnotism act. Snapping suddenly out of Danny's trance, the four volunteers find the rest of the village in a state of suspended animation, frozen as they watched the talent show. And then, everyone else comes back to life, but they don't notice the four, because they've all been upgraded while the four in the hypnotic trance skipped the upgrade.
They're here and walking among us: people with technologically enhanced senses, superhuman bodies and artificially sharpened minds. The first humans to reach a happy, healthy 150th birthday may already have been born. And that's just the start of it. Are you ready for your upgrade, asks Graham Lawton

The Science in 0.4, Human Upgrades or enhancements.
Human Upgrades was founded in 2002 by Doc. MUDr. FaVU. Petr Skala CSc. and his team from Institute of DNA Modifications in Brno in Czech Republic. Since the contacts around the world and first class expiriences of the team, Human Upgrades was able to offer unprecedented portfolio of surgeries based on the newest discoveries in the field of DNA manipulation.The surgeries as well as the Recovery Center still belong to the highest level of technology and services.
This seems to be a real company at first, but after attempting multiple times to contact the team of surgeons, it's proven that it's not possible to get these enhacements.

A youtube clip of a man using his brain to control a robotic hand.
This video is about a man who was lost his left hand and forearm in a car accident, and is using his brain to control a robotic hand.
Sarif Industries envisions a new future of enhanced vision, Cybernetic arms, Computer-assisted brain, Cybernetic legs and Dermal plated Cybernetic hands.Sarif is a high tech, very advanced website and it all seems as though it's real, but these upgrades are all for a game created by a company called Sarif Industries. The video bellow is made to look as though it's all for real life, but some further research shows it's all for a computer game.This link will take you to the Sarif Industries website.
"If it is such a good idea, why has evolution not built us that way?" That is the question two philosophers say we must ask before we attempt to enhance our human capabilities. We already augment our minds with drugs such as Ritalin and modafinil, our sexual performance with Viagra and our immune systems with vaccines. These are nothing compared with what might be on the way, from brain implants for a better memory to genetic modifications for sports performance.
- New Scientist.

TheLeakyFndtn, a twitter about Human Evolution.!/TheLeakeyFndtn

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