The science in the book Skinned.


Author: Robin WassermanPublisher: Simon PulseDate:2008

Science in the book:
The science in the book Skinned starts when a popular, sporty girl called Lia Kahn gets killed in a car accident. Instead of getting buried and having a funeral, she gets downloaded into a new machine body. For a while she is kept in a department away from normal humans. She has to learn to talk, read, write, use her brain to store important things such as memories and to use her fingers and toes of her machine body. She is now called a skinner and hated by eveyone at school, including her friends, boyfriend and even her family as everyone thinks she is just a machine robot. Stuck on the outside Lia has to try make friends or even join other skinners like her.....


Braingate company owns the cyberkinetics. Their goal is to create technology that can be attached to heavily disabled people to help them with common everyday functions just by thinking. They implant a tiny array ,the size of a baby asprirn on the surface of the brain.The array contains hundreds of electrodes which are very thin. It is plugged into the computer throught scalp-to-cable for it to decode the electrical impulses and turn them to actions. Thoughts are electrical impulses sent to the brain by hundreds and thousands of neurons from the body itself. This website explains what type of human upgrades they perform and also explains the history of the company. This website is the home website for braingate which explains how braingate works and explains the braingate technology.

This video is about a man called Matthew Nagle and he is paralysed. He was one of the braingate testers. A chip was implanted into his brain that picks up electrical impulses. A computer interprets the impulses as actions.

This video is about a man called Pierpaolo Petruzziello. He was only using his mind to control a biomechanical hand connected to his nervous system. Four mini electrodes were implanted into what was left of his amputated left arm. The electrodes help him recognise how to control the biomechanical hand.

This video is about a man with locked-in syndrome which affects all voluntary muscles in the body except the muscles that control eye movement. This means they are paralysed and unable to speak. Melanie Moore Jackson created the aware chair, a wheelchair which is controlled by a person’s brain waves. All they have to do to use it is to look at one of 4 patterns which blink at different speeds (which makes the speed of the wheelchair) on a computer which is connected to the wheelchair.
Book: My stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor.
Jill Bolte Taylor had a blood vessel explode in her brain. She watched her mind completely deteriorate so she could not walk, talk, read, write, or recall any of her life. Because of her understanding of how the brain works, her respect for the cells composing her human form, Jill completely recovered her mind, brain and body. In My Stroke of Insight, Jill shares with us her recommendations for recovery and the insight she gained into the unique functions of the right and left halves of her brain. Having lost the categorizing, organizing, describing, judging and critically analyzing skills of her left brain, along with its language centers and thus ego center, Jill’s consciousness shifted away from normal reality. In the absence of her left brain’s neural circuitry, her consciousness shifted into present moment thinking whereby she experienced herself “at one with the universe.”

Book: Wired for thought by Jeffrey Stibel.
This book is about when Jeffrey was introduced to Braingate as a worker, what Braingate has done for many severly disabled people and what they can do in the future.