Kim Bradley


Title: The Human Blend
Author: Alan Dean Foster
Date Published : Del Rey 2010

Quick Description: Whispr is a thug,radical surgery and implants have reduced him to preternatural thinness,
His partner in crime, Jiminy Cricket, has also been physically altered with prosthetic legs and high-strength fast-twitch muscle fibers that give him great jumping abilities. In a dark alley in Savannah, Whispr and Jiminy murder what they take to be a random tourist in order to amputate and then fence his sophisticated artificial hand. But the unlucky victim also happens to be carrying an unusual silver thread that appears to be some kind of storage medium. Whispr and Jiminy grab the thread as well.

Chance later deposits a wounded Whispr at the clinic of Dr. Ingrid Seastrom. Things have not gone smoothly for Whispr since he acquired the mysterious thread. Powerful forces are searching for him, and Jiminy has disappeared. All Whispr wants to do is sell the thread as quickly as he can. When he offers to split the profits with Ingrid in exchange for her medical services, she makes an astonishing discovery.

So begins a unique partnership. Unlike Whispr, Ingrid is a natural, with no genetic or bodily alteration. She is also a Harvard-educated physician, while Whispr’s smarts are strictly of the street variety. Yet together they make a formidable team—as long as they can escape the enhanced assassins that are tracking them.


The Human Blend is all about bodily modification and upgrades so I did some research on bodily modification in the real world. Some examples of bodily modifications are prothestic limbs.
. prosthetic-leg_#1.jpg prosthetic_arm.gif
Prosthetics are getting upgraded more and more every day, they even have prosthetics that are controlled by the mind.
Prosthetic's are basically fake limbs to replace damaged limbs. People could lose limbs from many things like being diagnosed with cancer, traffic incidents, military combat, circulation problems or birth defects. Prosthetic's are being accepted into the community and many celebrities have prosthetics such as Sir Edmund Hillary, Robert David Hall and Jim Byrnes.