The Science in Bodies and Soul

Title: Bodies and soul

Author: David hill

Publisher: Scholastic New Zealand

Date: 2005


The book "Bodies and soul" starts off with a note on the front cover "Skin Stealers! global are taking skin from hospital patients to make new faces for the rich uppers. DON'T LET THEM TAKE YOU!"


"They take you and they break you. They say they can remake you.
But they buy and they bleed you, but later they dont need you...
till youre peeled to the bone, with nothing left to own."


In his grim world, the poor – made redundant by technology - survive by scavenging in the ruined cities and volunteering for Global’s medical experiments. Health and education services are only a memory; gangs and drug addicts are a constant menace. Cal is amazed at the luxury and health enjoyed by the Uppers in their walled compounds. When he learns the sinister truth about Global’s activities, Cal has to take refuge with the Misfits, outcasts who have survived transplant operations and are preparing to fight back. Their plan is to warn everyone about wht Global really do. It all ends up when the whole team are in Globals main computer room and are exploiting Global. The bad guy Byron Blake(smoothe face is the nick name and the boss of the transplants) trys to kill Cal but his friend come in save him.

Main Charactor:

Cal Farrel

Other charactors:

Shiyan, Dan, becka, Jos,Minh, Kathaleen, Cal's mom and dad, Shiyan's mum

science in the book:

This book specialises in advanced medical science like human biology, life & science
the book is based on the organ theft of the poor and selling it to the uppers to increase life span

Organ theft:

The black market sells organs illegally and get money for it.
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