The science in The Sky Inside


Title: The Sky Inside

Author: Clare B Dunkle

Publisher: Atheneum Books

Date: 2008

The science in The Sky Inside is all about the so called "Wonder Babies". They crave knowledge so much the adult teachers couldn't handle them so they chose to teach themselves. The parents are not allowed to have their own kids, so must each fill out a form about their traits for example hair colour, eye colour and height. Then nine months later they get sent a child by the stork that is the same as if they had their own child.
They are all real humans, the only difference is their minds develop very quickly, and crave knowledge. They may be smart, but they are still immature in ways like ordinary children. Some aspects of this science is possible but not all of it will be. It is not explained in the book where all the children actually come from. The concept of designing children is very similar to "designer babies" in the real world, which is becoming very possible nowadays...

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This video shows the accuracy of selecting traits of children is getting better before you have them. It is getting very high percentages of accuracy and may be perfected in the next few years even;

Back in 1999, the first genetic testing was used to predetermine the gender of a child successfully. It was believed that in the future with further testing it will possible to know what colour eyes, hair, height, IQ, illnesses and personality the child will have. The children in this book have a very high IQ, but their motivation to learn can't be created the same way other traits can be can. For more information go to this link;,9171,989987,00.html

Nowadays, the accuracy is continuing to soar. This procedure is only possible for couples undergoing IVF though, which is unpleasant and unlikely that people will actually go through with it. It is considered unnatural to go through this, there is no "perfect human" out there. So there isn't much chance that normal people will use this procedure, even if the science is improving. Other reasons that don't agree with this happening is the expenses. To read more about the down sides go to;

This video shows that the risk is very high in humans to put artificial chromosomes into humans, even though it has successfully done in animals. It is strictly against the law to play around with the genes in an embryo and put it back into the human. Yet scientists are getting good and putting genes into embryos of animals.

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