The Science in Fiction

This project looks at the science in fiction books. Fiction often develops story ideas from recent advances in science. This project looks at the science in fiction and explores some of the real life science that it is based on. Each student will present a book that they have read, some of the science concepts in the book and some recent scientific research that relates to the topic.
Due on Friday 5/08/2011
This the final step in making your wiki and should include all of the steps below, plus any images and extra information that you are going to provide. The table below states how I will evaluate this assignment. It will be evaluated as a formative assessment and you will be given some feedback. The purpose of this assignment is to develop research skills and learn how to identify relevant and reliable pieces of information.

Achievement with Merit
Achievement with Excellence
Lists a variety of resources and describes in simple terms the information contained in the resource.
Lists a variety of relevant and reliable resources and explains how the resources relate to the science from their chosen book.
Lists a variety of relevant and reliable resources and discusses how the resources relate to the science in their chosen book and discusses how realistic the science in the book using examples from the resources presented

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Due on Friday 7/07/2011

A summary of the science that was presented in your book related to the topic that you chose. This should present what science they talked about in your book and whether or not they gave an explanation behind the science of the topic that you have chosen. Along with the summary you should provide the citation for your book, which should the Title, Author, Date of Publication, and Publisher (see the example in under Mr. Reeves' page).

Along with the summary of your book, you should have a list of at least six references made up of the following:
- 2 websites
- 2 journal articles, magazine articles, books
- 3 other types of information (e.g. twitter feeds, blogs from scientists, video clips, etc.)

Due on Friday 15/07/2011

Your wiki page should start looking more polished and have all of the complete references listed; see the examples of the following link for how to reference different sources ( the examples are lower down the page. You need to include the author, date, title, title of article, title of book or journal, etc.

For each reference you should supply a short description of what the reference is about and why it is relevant to your topic (approximately 4-5 sentences).
- All videos should be embedded into the page so they can be viewed directly from the wiki page
- Twitter feeds should also be embedded directly onto the page by using the rss feed function (please ask me if you need help)
- Links to blogs, podcasts, etc, should include some imagery to support them along with the description
- Feel free to add extra images or content if you have things you think fit well with content