Teaching Science Assignment

Aim: To produce a 20 minute science lesson for the class on any topic from the Planet Earth and Beyond stream of science (includes Earth Science and Astronomy).

The lesson must include the following:
- Theory: key background information (e.g notes, powerpoint, demonstration, etc.)
- Application: practical activity, worksheet, activity, game, movie clip and discussion, webquest, etc.

- Choose your topic: Thursday 3rd November
- Outline of lesson: Monday 14th November
- List of equipment and resources needed: Friday 18th November
- Lesson Friday 25th November, Monday 28th November, Tuesday 29th November
- Self Assessment: the day after your group presents their lesson

Why are we doing this?
- improve presentation skills
- present information on a topic you are interested in
- think about how you learn best
- give you a chance to share expert knowledgewith the class
- get experience in a leadership role

The following documents are to help you prepare your lesson:

A preliminary copy is to be handed in on 14th November and a final good copy is to be handed in the day of the lesson.